The Journey Begins …

Yes, the journey begins – as a semi-pro photographer, or at least a serious attempt – but it started decades ago with my Canon AE-1 film camera.

I’ve had a long-standing passion for photography but other professional pursuits took precedent. That’s about to change!

I’m committed to a new path that, hopefully, will lead to a second career as a photographer with a focus on fashion, lingerie and swimsuit shoots.

My motivation is based on some urging from several acquaintances who are models that work in those genres. I hope they’re right.

I plan to chronicle this amazing journey here and this is the first step.

Progress may be slow as I am still committed to other business interests and will have limited time, for now at least, to devote to this new endeavor.

While, this blog may be somewhat self-defeating, as I am admitting right up front that I’m not close to being a pro yet, that’s okay. We all have to take the first step in any new pursuit and I’m taking that step.

If you’re intrigued by my step-by-step progress then come join me on this new, and exciting, journey. I’d love to have you along for the ride.